Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine's Day Decorating...

I am coming out of my funk. At first when we put out the few Valentine's Day decorations I have, I wasn't enthused at all. I don't like Valentine's Day. It brings out my inner Scrooge. I understand the history - I do. I've read up on it. And did you know that acccording to Wikipedia, there are no romantic elements in the original biographies of either of the guys named Valentine that the day is named after? And as early as the 19th century, it was a commercial thing, with merchants making money selling Valentine's cards.

So my two objections to modern Valentines Day are that one, as a single person who is not even looking for a relationship, it becomes just another day to point at people like myself and tell us how weird and wrong we are to choose singlehood; and two, real love is a day to day thing - it's not about grand gestures on a set date that some other someone arbitrarily picked out for you.

Still... I have to admit these decorations are cute, and I wouldn't mind a few more... soon the LOVE hanger will go to the front door... I just want one more week with my snowmen.

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