Friday, July 24, 2015

July Blog Hop

First, let me acknowledge my regret that I've not posted since July 14... I will be back with Christmas cards on Monday. I ran into issues getting the next batch of cards photographed. 


It's time for the July 2015 VC Rocks Blog Hop!

This summer VC Rocks is celebrating its 15th Anniversary as a summertime online gathering place for those who love Stampin' Up! products.  So all of our blog hops will be a Celebration.  For June 2015, the theme of the Hop is:  CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYS!

I have two cards for you today. Both were originally designed by my friend Angela. I made my own versions at her house Tuesday evening & last night (Thursday). 

This first one is our attempt at the Bokeh technique. The one on the left is the one I made on Tuesday. As you can see, the butterflies aren't as intense. At first, I didn't like this one at all,l and now I think I like it better. I photography, with Bokeh, your images are supposed to blur together. I do love the butterflies in the card on the right; it's just not, in my mind, a great example of the technique. The basic difference between the two cards is that with the lighter one, I sponged white all over before I got out the stencil.

I'm entering this card in the following challenge:

Just Add Ink: Just Add Butterflies

The next card is just an attempt at Two Step Stamping. In Angela's original attempt, she wanted to do the body in Lost Lagoon and the bones in a gray, but it just didn't work. So she suggested we reverse it, which we did. The one on the left, which I made last night (Thursday) I used a Basic Grey (I think? Maybe Smoky Slate) marker, and it was just too dark. The problem was for some reason we were having trouble getting a clear, dark image with the ink pad last night. That's when I decided to try the marker. In retrospect, when I decided to do that, I should have reversed the colours & done the body in Lost Lagoon and the bones in the grey.

I'm entering this card in the following challenge:
Stamp Ink Paper - Tic Tac Toe

Please hop on over to VC Rocks to see what everyone else has created! 

Card Details:

Butterfly card:
Cardstock: Blackberry Bliss, Whisper White
Ink: Blackberry Bliss, Marina Mist, Pear Pizzazz
Stamps: Butterfly Basics
DSP: Moonlight

Dinosaur card
Cardstock: Whisper White, Lost Lagoon
Ink: Smoky Slate, Lost Lagoon, Hello Honey
Stamps: No Bones About It
DSP Moonlight

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SIP Challenge #5 - Day 14

There is a new challenge blog on the internet, and I really like it. It's called the Stamp Ink Paper challenge, and today I'm taking part in Challenge #5 . Conveniently enough, the theme happens to be Christmas in July.
Here's the Inspiration image:

SIP Any Theme 5

And here is my card:

The image is from a kit; I had the card in my stash of 'Things I Need To Finish' and this challenge gave me the kick I needed to do it. I was trying to get the colour of the bird to match the ornaments completely, and I struck out there. He's too pink. But with the markers I have in my collection, that was the best I could do.

I want to say the the image and verse are from Penny Black, but if I'm honest, I do NOT remember.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 13

Good afternoon....

Another wonderful day here. I have been thinking, and in an effort to get more traffic, I am offering blog candy. Post a comment to all my July cards, and then at the end of  "Christmas in July" I'll randomly draw a name and send one person their favorite card.

I slept in for some strange reason. Well, I didn't so much sleep as I lacked the energy to get up. I was awake, listening to TSN 1040 sports talk radio.

Went to Crafty Capers for Coffee & a Card. A friend usually goes with me, but she had to work, so she couldn't make it. She had hoped I'd be able to buy her a kit, but there weren't any left. I promised her I'd show her the card & we could make our own version this summer.

That card is very summer, and not at all Christmas-y, so I won't post it today. I'm saving them for August.

Today's card is one of the 2 other cards I made the same day as yesterday's card.

I just gave it a quick water colouring this afternoon and then photographed it. I also had to fix the flaps. Apparently I didn't use very strong adhesive on the larger flap, or the the inside piece, as both came off. I was going to take a picture to show you how it opens, but it's pretty self explanatory. Each of the die cut flaps are tucked under the white lined piece, but they aren't attached to each other at all. You simply lift each one and write your message inside.

The flaps were cut using a Big Shot. I don't remember what die we used. Simply score about a 1/4 inch or so in, so you have a piece to fold under and adhere the flaps to the base.

BTW - in yesterday's post I said I thought the paper was Simple Stories. I'm not so sure of that anymore. It may well be Echo Park.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 12

Editor's note: This card actually would have been live last night had I hit 'Publish' rather than 'Save'. Aaargh. 

Today is a bittersweet day. My Boo is gone; mom, dad & Boo start their Alaska cruise today. Then, after the cruise they're heading home via the US. So no more seeing my girl until we Skype again in a few weeks. 

Despite that melancholy, I had a relatively good day. My allergies seemed to be back with a vengeance in the morning. I ended up sleeping in and getting to church late, and thus couldn't get a wheelchair-safe parking spot. So home I came to do some proof-reading for a friend. Then I continued the never-ending task of attempting to finally catch up on my email. 

Went to a lovely book launch at a friend's house in the late afternoon. It was good to see some old friends  and meet some new people. And the hosts cooked us a fantastic meal. I got home around 8:00 and I was surprisingly tired.

Today's card is one I made at the former Scrapbookin' Adventures store. They always did great card classes. Luckily, Bianca, who taught the card classes, is teaching at a new store. She and a friend opened up an online venture a few months after SA closed its doors here. SA is also doing online sales, too, but their focus is on kits. 

But I digress. Here is the card. The reason I didn't post it when I made it in 2014 is that I hadn't yet decided if i was going to colour the image. I had originally thought I'd leave it uncolored, to go more with a 'vintage sketch' notion, but the more I looked at the hat, the more I determined I needed to colour it. And then I decided if I was going to colour the hat, I had to colour the scarf and his arms. So I found my Tombows (after spending 15 minutes going through all the drawers, I discovered they were right in front of my nose, on the shelf. Yay me. Aargh.) and gave Frosty a bit of colour. 

I may yet add some Wink of Stella or some other form of glitter on the snowman.. I can't decide if that would be too much. Note that the stamped image is all one stamp, and it was embossed with VersaMark & covered in an antique-y gold embossing powder. 

The patterned papers are either Simple Stories, I think. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 11

Life is good.

I had a wonderful day today. Tomorrow my brother, sister in law and niece leave. They're actually going on a cruise with our (as in brother & my) parents, to Alaska. I'm really curious as to how the munchkin will do. I just wonder if she'll be bored. She does love 'bowts' (a close proximity to her pronunciation of boats.. it may be a bit more like 'boots', actually) though so I can imagine she and Dida (her grandpa, my dad) will have fun looking out the window at them.

Anyway, today was fun because on her last day here, I finally figured out the way to get past her nervousness around my chair. We played with technology. Basically, I found some fun Youtube videos that she was so enraptured by that she forgot to be nervous. They weren't even wheelchair related; they were some Sandra Boynton books. When it was time for me to go, she gave me a big kiss with no need of mommy or daddy to hold her. So my day was made. :)

Had a relaxing afternoon. Then tonight I went to the movies with a friend. We went to see movie Minions. It was utterly hilarious. It stood alone quite well, and as a prequel for the two Despicable Me films, it was fantastic. I have not laughed that hard in AGES.

Today's card.... I thought I'd posted this card in the past, but I can't seem to find it in any previous posts. It was one I made on a Monday Coffee & a Card at Crafty Capers. I also don't see a picture of it on my computer, either filed in my previously blogged folders (I sort by year) or my general 'cards & layouts' folder. So I'm hoping I've not posted this in the past.

This card features a lot of Tim Holtz stuff, if I recall correctly. The tree & the deer should be Stamper's Anonymous. The tag is stamped and covered with distress inks. The stencil is definitely a Tim one. I think this card was the first time I used stencils, and I fell in love. I don't remember what company made the die for the Merry Christmas.

This card was a lot of work, but totally worth it. I'd try something like it again, though it's definitely not something I'd ever try to mass produce.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 10

What a wonderful day!

I went over to see my niece again and she my worries were for naught; she didn't act more nervous than she had on Wednesday. In fact, she's warming up to me quite nicely. As long as Daddy was holding her, she was happy to give me a kiss. I got to see her twice today, which was a treat; we had a family dinner at my Aunt's house. She had a lot of fun playing with our cousin, who just turned 5. They were very sweet together.

I also attended a professional event. They had the grand opening of phase 1 of some park improvements at a local place. The new play areas/equipment look terrific and the designs for future phases are spectacular. I didn't stay very long. Just visited with some friends and colleagues, took some pictures of the proceedings, had cake, and headed home. It was very crowded with children who were NOT interested in us adults interfering with their fun.

Today's card:

Like yesterday's (and tomorrow's) card, this one is one I created at a make and take at Crafty Capers, our local stamp store. I think we made it the same day as the previous card. I say that because the snowflake is covered in Inka Gold, just like yesterday's. 

There is no stamping on this card. Everything is die cut, except the small blue snowdrops. Those are made with Pearl Pen, I think. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 9

Well, today was a mixed bag. On the one hand, on Thursdays I get my favorite home support worker who does my laundry. Of all the HSWs I've had, she's one of the two best I've had, ever. And the smoke is gone! Or at least if it isn't, it's faded to the point where it's no longer noticeable. So that makes me very happy.

The bummer about today was that I did not get to see my niece. My mom called when I was out last night. He made arrangements to take her for a play date at a friend's house. The weather is pretty warm so she got to go in the little kiddie pool they have. She was so excited she barely touched her breakfast. Anyway, the friend was only available in the morning, so they had to leave right after they ate. My only worry is I wonder if she'll take a step back and start making strange with me again. She was just starting to get comfortable yesterday.

The other bummer about today... I did NOT use my time wisely. At all. Like, I can't even tell you what I did today. I played games on Facebook. I read multiple threads about local political issues. That is pretty much it. I'm at the point where I think I'll have to ask my cousin to come over and supervise me so I get off my lazy butt and clean my kitchen; it's rather pathetic, but I swear, I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to cleaning up clutter.

I love today's card. It's not perfect - there's a snowflake missing - but I have a sentimental spot for it in my heart regardless. When I say there's a snowflake missing what I mean is, when I made it, there were five. There was a small one in between the top right and centre left. It fell off and refused to go back on now matter what I did. So I gave up. It's hard to tell - I couldn't get great light to photograph this one - but there are little dots of pearl pen in a few places, and the 'Let it snow' is embossed. The snowflakes are convered in Inka Gold.