Saturday, January 23, 2010

More photos...

Photo of the Day Jan 23/10 Cards we made last night in our stamper's group. The pink one is meant to be an easel card, but it does NOT want to stand up today. It was fine last night. The green one is a slider. Great techniques, great friends, great snacks... what more can a girl ask for?

Photo of the Day Fri Jan 22/10 I am not sure why the Christmas tree is still up in the common room. It bothers me, I admit. If I thought it was meant to be some statement about the meaning of Christmas - the idea that Christmas is more than a season, it is a state of being - I could go with it. But let's face it... that's NOT the reason the tree is still up. The reason it is still up is that nobody's cared enough to take it down. This poor tree is as neglected and unloved as the one Charlie Brown rescued. It's sad.

Of course, I could just be jealous because I would love to keep my tree up year 'round.

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Darcy said...

Nice picture Tania :) Perhaps 'they' will put paper hearts on it soon for Valentines day :)