Monday, January 4, 2010

Guilty Pleasures...

Well, it has happened again.

Every season I say it won't happen, and every season it does.

I am watching the Bachelor. {Tania hangs head in shame}

Mind you, if these people don't feel a sense of shame going on national television and making fools of themselves I am not sure it is my place to apologize for watching them engage their exhibitionist streaks. And as much as I have been known to crave attention in the past, it does give me a slight sense of superiority to know that I have never and would never stoop to that.

The whole thing really is ridiculous. I mean really, how many normal people talk about true love and getting married 30 seconds into meeting someone? Hello? Isn't the appropriate response to that sort of behaviour to run screaming in the opposite direction?

The first episode is usually the worst, and tonight was no exception. Some really silly things people were doing to get their 15 minutes (more like 15 second in some cases) of fame tonight. I don't mind the more normal stuff, like mentioning a mutual interest like football. But putting on a flight attendant's outfit? Costume, actually, because no real flight attendant would wear something quite that skimpy on the job. At least none of the flight attendants I've had would.

I know they say the producers don't tell the Bachelor(ette) who to give roses to, but at least in the initial ceremony, I have to wonder if they give input. I mean, really, none of the three really awful ones he picked - Gia, Christina, Vienna, imo, all need to go, and I feel badly for Kimberly and a few other girls who got the boot so they could stay - are so totally hot that I can buy he kept them for the eye candy factor. And they didn't demonstrate any intellectual assets, from what I saw. So I figure at least in part the producers had to have encouraged him to have kept those three for a little while for the 'drama' factor.

I mean really, Christina and Gia both seem bitchy and Vienna is an air head. I'm sorry, no self respecting guy is looking to a Paris Hilton wannabe as a serious life partner.

I. Just. Don't. Get. It.

On a lighter note... today's photo of the day... taken down at the waterfront. It was one of those days I love; not too cold, drizzly and overcast. The ocean just seems so much more mysterious on days like today.

I did shoot this inside, through a window. We were having lunch at the pub. I just wasn't in the mood to go all the way down the hill and back up to take the photo outside, and I couldn't find a good place in the upper parking lot to shoot from. So the next best thing was to just shoot through the window.

My goal is to shoot at least 1 picture a day for the year, starting today. As far as I'm concerned the new year doesn't officially start until the kids are back in school, so I'm cheating and using pics from late December for my Jan 1-3 photos.

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Darcy said...

tsk tsk... Just kidding!
Great photo.