Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Favorite Day...

Today's photo... outside my apartment. I need something in the other corner next year; my entryway was decidely unbalanced.

I haven't started taking down Christmas, and at this point it'll be next week before I get to it.

I love Tuesdays now. I think it may be my favorite day of the week. I have help from a home support worker in the afternoon so I can get my laundry and stuff done.

Now, in and of itself, that is not enough to make Tuesday my favorite day of the week.... what I like about Tuesday is that I have made it my 'I am not going anywhere' day. Really, where some people treat Sunday as their Sabbath day, I use Tuesday for this day. As a former pastor once said in a sermon, God just wants us to have a day of rest. He doesn't have a legalistic need for it to be Sunday. I know people who have Monday's off and that is their day to be with God and family and decompress.

Mine happens to be Tuesday.

I sleep in..

I stay in pj's all day.

I read.

I pray.

I eat... yes, it's also my 'cheat day' (ok, anyone who knows me and has seen my waistline lately knows full well that I have more than one of those a week)

I catch up on a blogs and message boards.

I update my hockey pools.

I do not go out.

I do not answer the phone unless I want to.

I do not do any work.

It is MY day.

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