Monday, July 4, 2011

A final Father's Day card and some pics

I didn't mean to take time off from blogging. Life has just gotten in the way of late. The friend I normally get together to stamp with has been in the hospital, so I've not gone up to the scrapbook store in a few weeks.  I've actually been doing a great deal of sorting and organizing of my stash, and I had too much disorder and chaos to make a space to craft at home. I forgot to get a picture, but one night I cleaned out all the drawers in the kitchen that had various papers in them and ended up with a big bag of recycling.

I do this clean-up every year. Every year, I call my poor friend, who is a bookkeeper and does my taxes for me, to ask her 'Is it 5 years or 7 before I can toss this file folder with the tax info in it?' And every year she says, "It's 7, Tania.' This year, I got smart. I finally wrote 'Toss in 20--' on the front of each folder.

In the process of cleaning up the kitchen, I found 2 cards I forgot to post. The first is one I made at the scrapbook store. They had a make and take day that I missed, but my friend who lives in Parksville (where the store is located) showed me hers and got me the pieces so I could make it. I didn't use it this year, as it's not really my dad's style. I'll probably let a friend have it to use for her dad next year.

The month of June has been a whirlwind of retirements, assemblies, and various other activities. My cousin J, aka as The Terrific Twelve Year Old, completed grade 7 this year. Her mom and I threw her and her friends a 'Welcome To Summer/Graduation' type party. They had a blast. Food, music and hanging out in the backyard.

Here she is with her certificate and school picture

And her teachers. 

The candy buffet she set up... I provided the dishes. We saw the ideas on Pinterest and she was hooked. She did NOT get the fancy bowls, though... not worth the money (and, happily, she saw it that way, too).  It left more money for the 'disco ball she asked me to get for her. 

Now, when she first said those words, I was leery. Really, what is an almost 13 yr. old going to do with a mirror ball after the party? Luckily she actually wanted this:

Why do I fear this could be a sgn of communication miscues to come?



Becky said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

cute card - thanks for sharing it.

Jeremy and Samantha said...

congrats to her and I love the collar and tie

Jackie said...

Love the pics! TFS & I hope you have a great day!!!