Sunday, August 8, 2010

A busy summer so far...Part 1

After Canada Day, which was spent in the rain, watching the Parksville parade (won't be doing that again!), we got a nice bunch of weather, so I didn't do as much crafting. The above picture is my two friends L. and K. putting up the canopy so we could try to stay dry. They were brave souls and stayed the whole day. Mind you, they had the intelligence to not go to the parade.

Did I mention it was raining???

I had intended to stay until 4, then head to my parent's for a family dinner. I lasted until noon.

Much as I was disappointed to miss the fireworks later that night (I'd intended to drive back up for them), the need to be warm won out. Managed to convince some of the family to play Dominoes with me. Love Dominoes. I love games in general, but Dominoes is my favorite.

Mom always has lovely flowers or some kind of themed center piece for her table.

the last few tiles....

Other summer highlights....
The Awesome 11 yr old, my wonderful cousin 'J', is now a Terrific 12 yr old. For her birthday I signed her up for a week long hip hop class.

Us at her family birthday party...for her 'friend' party they went zip lining. I would've come to take pics for them but it's not exactly a wheelchair friendly place.

She made this shirt as part of the class....Only 3 girls signed up.... so glad they didn't cancel it because in they had a blast! The girls really benefitted from the extra attention they got because the class size was so easy for the instructor to manage. J said it was her favorite one yet. I hope there's somthing she wants to take next year.
More tomorrow.....

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