Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Of Babies and Baseball...

And Father's Day, too, but that messes up the alliteration. :)

Saturday we had a baby shower for my cousin. She and her hubby had a beautiful little girl about 7 weeks ago (April 28). Because they are currently living in Kelowna this was the first time I'd seen the baby. She's very alert and expressive and she looks just like her daddy. I am in love.

C: "Am I the cutest baby ever, or what?" Me: "Don't be prideful, baby, it's unbecoming."

C: "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, cousin?" Me: "Ok, ok, you are definitely cute! At least as cute as cousin J. was at your age"C: "Much better... I can live with being the current cutest person in our family.'
It's nice to see that her 11 yr old cousin J is pretty in love, too. At 11 she's old enough to not feel displaced and just be happy about the babysitting opportunities that will present themselves to her when they visit.Because of the shower, I missed J's ball games on Saturday (they played that morning, and they had to leave the party early to attend their next game), but I made sure I got to her Sunday games. They were 2-2 through round robin, so they played the consolation final and came in 3rd. She was a real trooper... played through a (slight) sprained ankle, acquired while on her class camping trip Friday morning (they were away Thursday night to Friday afternoon).In fact,in the last game, which wasn't for anything other than pride, she hurt her other leg sliding into home plate.

Batter up!
Waiting for the sign to steal third base....

Here's the pitch!
Ready on first base...

All in all it was a terrific weekend. The girls had fun and the season itself was great; their coach was phenomenal. I still don't like professional baseball on tv but boy do I love being out on the ball field watching my sweet J.

I have some cards to share but I will do a separate post.

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