Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Card Concept 51

Wow! Two posts from me in one week!

I am really enjoying the beginning of our two week Spring Break. I'm plowing through old emails that I didn't deal with at the time I received them just because I was so busy. I'm talking about the recipes & card blogs I follow. Yes, I know I could cut down the number & delete really old ones, but here is where my hoarder side kicks in. I can't just delete without a quick look. What if I miss something? There could be a PERFECT recipe or a gorgeous sketch or card sample I'd never find again! Oh, the things I do to justify my electronic clutter.

I am loving not going out. I haven't driven anywhere since my Sunday night book group.  I'm slowly eating better & beginning to have some success at upping my water intake. So life is good!

Today's card is an inspiration challenge from

My stamps are still a little too disorganized to do an Easter card. Instead, I was inspired by the colours, pink & brown as well as the idea of the designs on the egg. The card I'm showing you today uses the bleaching technique to create the design on the border. The die cut butterfly is stamped with a big background stamp. 
I can't find my notes on the card details; this card is one I ha all the stamping down for a while ago & I took it from my stash to finish up for the challenge. I still have a decent stash of half finished cards. I'm getting through them, though! 

For this challenge, I went out of my comfort zone. At the Card Concept, you have to put your card in one of their categories: Clean & Simple, Clean & Layered, Shabby Chic/Vintage, Clean & Graphic, Freestyle Collage, Classy & Elegant. My cards tend to be clean & layered, or clean & simple. I almost NEVER have trouble deciding what category to put them in. But this time I'm stuck. This card isn't clean, per se, but it's not too collage-y either. I'm going to classify it as:

Freestyle Collage, defined as 
  • unrelated elements in a collection
  • can be done in any style
Check out The Card Concept - Challenge 51 Naturally Pink to read about the other styles, see samples, and play along! 


Ink Stained Roni said...

Fun card, I love the butterfly and the gold design. Very pretty!

Katydid Cards said...

You definitely have the colors of spring...such a cheerful card!

Kim from Katydid Cards/CCMC

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Very pretty!

Kim P said...

I love the idea of stamping on the die cut looks great!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Great card- how fun that you classify cards- I think the stamping on the butterfly is awesome!

Shaz Brooks said...

Been browsing your posts, there are some lovely cards here you've made. Shaz xx