Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 28!

 I can't get over how fast this month has gone - especially the last part of it. This afternoon I had a lovely visit with my cousin, while her husband worked in my room, trying to set up a wifi router for me. Sadly, we couldn't get it to work. I'll have to talk to the tech guy for our building, because we were talking at one time that it was possible. I have a wifi only i-pad and I would like to be able to use it in my living room. It'll make accessing sketches an such on Pinterest much easier. I can tap into a network down in the common room, but sometimes I don't feel like packing up my stuff to go down there. 

After dinner, my cousin, me and a good friend all went out for a dessert to celebrate my friend's birthday tomorrow. I'll take her to dinner for her actual birthday, but my cousin and her family are leaving in the afternoon, so this was our one chance to get together. We had a lovely time. 

A quick card... I made this one a while ago and didn't blog it. Well, I think I made it. To be honest, I'm not sure this card is one I made at stamp club, or one I bought from my demo's stash of cards she periodically likes to purge. There was nothing on the back, so it's possible that I made it. If I did make it, I would have had to have done so at a Club night because I don't own this set; I don't actually even remember what it's called.  I used it for a friend's Christmas card; I always knew exactly who this one would be for, because the friend in question loves angels. 

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Marcy said...

Beautiful card! I love that angel image. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :)