Sunday, August 25, 2013

Carnival Craze

I have a little something different for you today... a scrapbook page. And not my normal 12x12 layout, but instead, an 8x8 design. I made an album as a gift for a friend of mine who has moved away, and one of photo sets I had was perfect for the theme of the Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge. Of course, because I wasn't paying attention, I missed the deadline to enter. I thought it was August 31. Turns out it was earlier today - the 31st is the day they'll be announcing a winner. Oh well... it got me motivated to blog.

These were taken here in town, at our yearly fair. It's more than just a carnival... it has a carnival, midway, home arts showcase, and animals. It's basically a hybrid of an old fashioned agricultural fair and a carnival. These photos were from a few years ago and I've only just scrapped them for the first time. I haven't even done a layout for my own album. I take so many pictures each year when I go to the VIEX that I could do an album solely devoted to it, though I doubt I'd do that. The pictures can get repititve. In fact, this year when I went I did something shocking, by my standards - I left my camera at home. On purpose.

The particular trip to the fair that is documented in this layout was one of my favourites. I went with a friend of mine and her daughter. Little R. loved it, especially the animals. What was interesting was that Dora The Explorer was scheduled to be there that day, which is why we went when we did. Before we arrived she was so excited to see "Doughwa." Of course, when she DID see Dora, she freaked out and wouldn't go near her!

As I look back on the picture I got of Dora,  I remember thinking, "I can't say that I blame her..." ;) I  also remember having one of those moments were I'm almost glad to be in a wheelchair, because it means I'll never be so in need of work that I'll be stuck out in the summer heat wearing a costume like that. What an awful job!

I'll share the rest of the layouts over the next little while - how quickly I accomplish that will depend, in part, on whether I manage to do any card challenges this week.

Cardstock: American Crafts
DSP: Stampin Up


kel Acopan said...

wow leaving your camera home is risky!!!! i don't think i could do it!!

Winnie said...

Great layout! Lots of fun on those pages! Took my nieces for our fall festival a few years back, and she had the same reaction to the giant Dora! Her sister loved her but the little one freaked. Same reaction to some Santa Clauses (can't say I blame her either...)