Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas!

It has been an amazing few days....

I got to spend time with my cousin Jade this weekend, aka as The Awesome Eleven Year Old. Her folks were going away for an event out of town so she spent the afternoon and evening with me.

It was a pretty typical 'Cousin Day'. We did some Christmas decorating of the edible variety. We've done gingerbread houses in the past, and this year we decided that it was time for a change. She brought a cookie decorating kit. The house kits are a pain. If you get the kit that lets you decorate after 20 mins, the roof never sits properly. If you want the better ones where the house actually stays together, you have to let it set practically ALL. DAY. Even Awesome Eleven Year Olds don't have that kind of patience. Heck, not so awesome 39 yr olds don't always have that much patience.

So the kit came with 8 cookies, 2 of which were broken. Awww, darn... we HAD to eat 'em. Sampling/taste testing is a key part of good kitchen work. Thank you Tom Colicchio/Top Chef. Of course, this left us with extra icing and candy.... darn ;)

We did one other Christmas activity... J. made a foam house using one of those kits you get at Michaels. I swear, those things LOOK deceptively simple, but in reality a person needs some experience in engineering or something to get the pieces to interlock and actually stay together. And the glue the give you for the few parts that either don't interlock or come with adhesive backing is USELESS. Thank the good Lord for double sided sticky tape.

Other observations:

*Just because a pop song is good that does not mean it should be turned into a teen movie. Makers of the 80's borefest Girls Just Want To Have Fun, I'm talkin' to you. That movie wasn't even bad enough to be good.

*Kurt Russell is really a funny guy. Sky High isn't a brilliant movie by any means, but he was really good in it... totally gave into the humor of the spoof and wasn't afraid to look silly. In general, the movie was enjoyable fluff that did a decent job of poking fun at the super hero genre.

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