Saturday, January 2, 2010

Life is too short

*To make New Year's Resolutions I am never going to keep. If God meant for me to lose that last 15 lbs, they'd have dropped by now. There comes a time when a person just has to accept reality. My reality is that I like chocolate, and I have a limited vegetable repetoire. Deal with it.

*To read books that don't hold my attention. I mean, realistically, the publishing police will not come after me and try to slap the cuffs on because I decided to give up on Sushi For Beginners after barely 100 pages.

*To worry about things I cannot change.

*To accept things I don't like and can change.

*To spend time with joysuckers who thrive on negativity and silly dramas.

*Count my rapidly increasing number of grey hairs.

*To go longer than a week without scrapbooking or crafting

*To argue about politics. Well... that can actually be kinda fun. I do enjoy a good, healthy debate. But life is definitely too short to take the arguments about politics seriously. You have to know that if you're debating health care or welfare reform or same sex marriage or abortion rights on the internet, the chances of causing someone who is on the opposite side of the political fence to have a 'Eureka, she's right and I'm wrong!' moment is, oh, somewhere between slim and none. Just be open to sharing ideas knowing nobody's mind is gonna change and leave it at that.

*To eat bad movie theatre popcorn....

So that's all I can think of for now... share with me some your favorite 'Life is to short to...' observations, please.


TMTCO said...

Well said!!!!

Anonymous said...

life is too short to worry about the small stuff; ie.......where or where did I put that ???. You know you'll find it eventually, so why freak out that you don't have it in your hand at this very second!