Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 4 - Happy Independence Day!

I hope all my American friends are enjoying the celebration of July 4th!

It's not a holiday here, as we just had ours, but today was a great day nonetheless. I got up nice and early, which always gets me off to a good start. A friend came by and we went to a garage sale; an SU demo we know was selling some retired products. Surprisingly, I didn't purchase as much as my friend J. I have a  very specific list now of retired stamps I'm looking for, and I do my best to NOT stray from it.

After our successful shopping excursion, we went out for a nice breakfast. We had talked about going to the mall, too (she wanted an oven thermometer and I could use a few new t-shirts) but it was already getting too hot. So we checked out the movie times so we can (hopefully) go see Inside Out this week or next, and then went back to my place, where she kindly helped me get my trunk unloaded... and made me even happier by taking a few of my leftover items from the Crafty Capers garage sale. I still have lots to take up to Parksville to see if people would like it later this month.

Speaking of that - on to today's card.

Today's card is a CTMH card. Like all my CTMH cards so far, it was designed by my wonderful demo Candra Holmes at Paper Dragon Fleur. I don't think I've ever strayed from Candra's design at all... maybe once in a blue moon I'll use the opposite side of a patterned paper. Part of that is that I love her work (as I do all the stampers I know - they're all so different, and it's wonderful!), and part of it is that I don't have quite the CTMH stash that I do of SU stuff at this point, so I'm not yet feeling as creative as I do with my other stuff.

I chose this card because although it's not the same blue as the US flag, it still has some red, white & blue. And the ribbon has some shimmer to it, which makes me think of stars.

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