Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 10

What a wonderful day!

I went over to see my niece again and she my worries were for naught; she didn't act more nervous than she had on Wednesday. In fact, she's warming up to me quite nicely. As long as Daddy was holding her, she was happy to give me a kiss. I got to see her twice today, which was a treat; we had a family dinner at my Aunt's house. She had a lot of fun playing with our cousin, who just turned 5. They were very sweet together.

I also attended a professional event. They had the grand opening of phase 1 of some park improvements at a local place. The new play areas/equipment look terrific and the designs for future phases are spectacular. I didn't stay very long. Just visited with some friends and colleagues, took some pictures of the proceedings, had cake, and headed home. It was very crowded with children who were NOT interested in us adults interfering with their fun.

Today's card:

Like yesterday's (and tomorrow's) card, this one is one I created at a make and take at Crafty Capers, our local stamp store. I think we made it the same day as the previous card. I say that because the snowflake is covered in Inka Gold, just like yesterday's. 

There is no stamping on this card. Everything is die cut, except the small blue snowdrops. Those are made with Pearl Pen, I think. 

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Kristie W. said...

Very pretty card. I really like the snowflake die you used!