Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Christmas in July - Day 15 to 18

I'm back! I didn't mean to get sidetracked with Christmas in July. I had camera issues for a little while. Then we had our last VC Rocks Blog Hop, so I had to focus on that. I still play to get at least 25 cards posted this month, though I'd love it if I could post a full 31. We shall see. 

The cards today are all ones I made ages ago at Scrapbookin' Adventures. They're also all interactive and/or a fancy fold.  The first one is my favorite; I do love the Card In A Box idea. They are actually easier to make than you'd think. Though I've had no trouble getting mine to stand, I have found that after a lot of moving it around, folding it up and unfolding it, it's  not as straight/square as I might like when it's open. 

I used Photo Sheet to merge my photos together so you would get the full effect of the cards. 

 I don't remember what the fold on the next card is called. I want to say 'Shadow Box' but I don't think that's it. I'm not sure the picture captures it well, but the cardstock is scored & foded over so that there's a 1/4 inch space between the Kraft & the white. Though I love the front, the fold is not my favorite.

These last two are my favorite. The first one has Glitter Ritz on the front; I can't capture how pretty and glitzy it is with my camera, sadly.


Lynn McAuley said...

Remarkable work on this fabulous holiday designs, Tania! They certainly have that WOW factor!

chingaling ling said...

Oh I love your exploding box. This one is on my bucket list of techniques to try before the end of the year. I love the way it came out.