Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

picmonkey-collage10As I was moderating my comments a few days ago, I saw that someone had awarded me a Lovely Blog Award. Thank you Vanessa at Leather & Abel. 

The award calls for me to share 7 things and nominate other blogs.

Let me start with 7 things about me:

1)I am a huge Grey's Anatomy fan. I've always enjoyed the show and kept up with it. Season 9, though, resulted in the show becoming appointment television for me. You do NOT call me during Grey's unless it's earth shattering. It's all because of the story about Arizona's leg being amputated after the plane crash. As a person born with a disability, I'm always fascinated to see how network television will tackle the topic. Grey's, thanks to the writing, and more importantly some stellar acting from Jessica Capshaw, has been doing a terrific job. I could go on for a ridiculous number of words about this topic, but I have to come up with 6 other things, so.... I should move on. But expect to see another Grey's post in the future. You've been warned. ;)

2) I am a huge fan of NHL hockey. I really don't follow any other sports. If I'm honest, I sometimes even resent time 'wasted' on other sports when I listen to the local all-sports station, Team 1040. Really, I'm Canadian. I'm not interested in baseball. That said, various sports stories that have a human, (or, ok, soap-operaish) angle interest me. Things like the Brett Favre retirement saga, Spygate, A-Rod, etc., etc.

3) I do NOT like violent or scary movies. I don't mind a good drama, but I much prefer to laugh, or to see a good romantic comedy. And I love animation. Frozen was fantastic.

4) I have a deep desire to see Mt. Rushmore in real life. The problem is that I'm not sure what else I'd do in the area, and Mt. Rushmore itself like wouldn't take more than an afternoon. Maybe a day. I am not going that far from home for what amounts to a day trip. It's also making it difficult to convince my best friend and favourite travelling companion that this trip is a good idea.

5) I have a huge weakness for used book sales. Clothes, jewelry, make up... none of that excites me. My weakness is books. Also scrapbook supplies and stamping related products, but that's not likely a surprise.

6) Apparently, I know a lot of people. Or, at the very least, my mother does. I can't go out anywhere with friends, it seems, without running in to SOMEONE who knows/recognizes me. Now, at least half the time, I have NO idea who the person in question is. And I always feel terrible about this fact, because they seem to expect that I will recognize them. I so appreciate the ones who realize that at 40-something, if I last saw you when I was 5, chances are good I am NOT going to remember you.

7) I love games, karaoke and music trivia. I know I'm not a great singer and I do NOT care. It's fun. Despite my lack of singing ability, I have been told I belt out a pretty good version of The Foundations' Build Me Up Buttercup and Conway Twitty's It's Only Make Believe. In terms of music trivia, I'm quite good at the 80's and 90's. I have a good ear for recognizing pop songs. I can drive my friends nuts if the radio is on, because I'll guess the song playing within a couple bars.

In terms of general trivia... in grade 8, I got a lovely third degree burn on my left foot. I couldn't attend school for quite a while. Work was sent home for me, of course, so I didn't get too far behind, but it didn't fill up the days completely. So I would grab our Trivial Pursuit game (original version - the blueish coloured box) and quiz myself on the questions. So by the time I was healthy and was playing with friends, thanks to my freakishly good memory for useless information, I became quite an expert. In fact, I remember playing one day with a favourite teacher of mine (a few of us hung out in her room at lunch and she'd play with me periodically) and she teased me and said if I didn't stop answering before she finished reading the question she wasn't going to play anymore. 

 Tables Are For Eating

This blog is my pastor's blog. No matter how you feel about faith, she is a fantastic writer. She always gives me a perspective on things that I haven't considered. Her writing is clear and she makes scripture so accessible. She also writes for our church blog, shares great tweets, and knits gorgeous items that she graciously shares with many of us. I have to get a picture of me and my socks soon. And her Goodreads list is fantastic.

My Paper Life

I love Kristie's cards. She's also just a wonderful writer and an interesting person. I'm loving all the Disney pictures she's been sharing of late. Her blog is totally worth a look!

Scraps & photoGRAFFS

Kelly is another one of my favourite crafters. Lots of great inspiration here!

Cre8tive Play

Jeannette is another wonderful crafter. What makes her blog unique is that she will also does neat theme posts. Lots of inspiration here

 Transforming Common Days

Truly, you should be reading all of Susan's blogs. She's terrific. I chose this one because I said I would try to give you a mix of crafty and non-crafty blogs. This link is to one of Susan's non crafty blogs. She writes about faith and scripture here. She also has an excellent blog where she's written about autism, but it seems she hasn't updated it in a while. In addition that is Simplicity, her crafting blog, and Questioning My Intelligence  which is random writing and thoughts from her. 

Discovering Divine Serendipity

A blog written by Ellen, a friend I made in church years ago. She shares stories about her life, while interweaving lessons of faith. There's a quote, attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, that reads, "Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words." I don't know if he really did utter this phrase - the quote has been disputed. Some even argue it's not biblical. And in a literal sense, maybe it isn't. But what this quote gets at, for me, is the way some use faith in a way that creates more distance between people than actually bring them closer to God or fellowship with each other. Ellen doesn't do that. She is such an example of light and love and all the Gospels call us to be as we share our faith with the world.

Finding The Real Me

This blog is another one that a friend is writing. Like me, she's working on the journey to weight loss and improved health. She's inspired me to try again. I know there are a lot of us out in the blog world who are struggling with this issue and I hope that we can all support each other.

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Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

What fun to read about you!

Oh, you really do need to see Mt. Rushmore! It's impressive! In the area you can also see LOTS of other things - Crazy Horse, the Dinosaurs in the park, Petrified Forest, Wall Drug (about an hour away) and the Bandlands are FABULOUS! Just to name a few!

Can you tell I used to live near Mt. Rushmore - just briefly?

Thanks for giving me a shout out, too. I appreciate you!