Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Here comes the sun...

Do do do do....

Yes, it has stopped snowing! Right now it is sunny at 5 degrees Celsius (41F) and it is expected to be decent all week. They're saying anywhere from 5-8C (41-46F). Certainly not my favourite temperatures, but when you've lived her forever, it isn't that bad - especially when it's not raining.

I do hope the snow piles themselves melt slowly, if possible. I hate when the snow gets ugly, so I always wish it can melt in a way that lets it stay pretty for as long as possible.

My car has been dug out, so I am happy. Looks like I should be able to get back to normal starting tomorrow.

Other members of the complex are not so lucky. Sometimes I can clearly see the advantages to being disabled. We'll see how it goes and if they're still stuck by Friday we'll try to get help to dig them out. I'll check in with a group at our church when I'm there tomorrow.

But hey, they cleared a path to the smoker's spot. Oh, that poor car next to it if/when the snow comes off the roof.

In honour of this lovely change in the weather,  Spring themed card I made a while ago. It was a class at the scrapbook store. I can take no credit for the design, that was all Bianca. Of course, everyone's cards looked a little different, depending on where we put our stencil and how we managed with the mists. I wish I had gotten a wee bit more red on mine. The nice thing is that the colours do make the card a wee bit more masculine.

It's ironic that I have gotten rid of all my mists and stencils, and now I'm seeing where I could use them. I bought them originally to use on scrapbook pages, and it was just NOT my thing. But I do like the look on cards. If I do decide to get a few again, I will go into it much more slowly and really consider what colours to buy, as well as which stencils.

The rosette on this card was made by hand. I will NOT be doing THAT again, either. I'm sure I saw a die that will do the work for me. The question is whether I'd ever make enough rosettes to justify the cost.


Marcy said...

Beautiful card! I love that background and that pretty flower! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

Margaret said...

So pretty! Love the colors and your design. I am ready for some sunshine here and some warmer weather.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Lovely snow pictures and fabulous spring card!