Saturday, January 4, 2014

Scrapbook Saturday

No cards today. I have a lot done & ready to post. but I want to wait until Monday. Really, I have to wait until Monday. My front room is a slight disaster area, and it really needs to be tidied up before I can snap some photos. And I have a few more projects I want completed before I do that. I'm trying to create a system that works for me, so that I can craft regularly (I'd say daily, but I don't see that happening) while still keeping my kitchen table not looking like a bomb exploded on it. Right now I don't ever get to use my table for, well... eating. I'd like to change that.

Anyway, with that, I give you five more layouts from my friend's album. I'll post the last set tomorrow.

This first layout, you'll notice people swimming. My friend and I, as mentioned previously, both served together on a board for a local non profit. We did a weekend retreat to work on accreditation. On one of the mornings we were there, some of them went for a swim early in the morning, before breakfast. I only got to take that picture because I had to ask my friend H. to come to my room and help me find my glasses. I had knocked them off the side table and I see so poorly without them that I couldn't tell where they had gone. I was just glad I hadn't run over them - luckily they had managed to fall under one of the beds.

When accreditation was over, we were all exhausted... the staff, in particular, worked really, really hard. The accrediting agency was quite impressed with our work and to celebrate, we threw a staff appreciation dinner at the golf club. It was near Academy Awards time so we did a theme night. It was so much fun!

The left side photos were a board dinner we did one summer. On the right, our 25th anniversary community event. My friend's granddaughter really didn't want to get near Tyrone, even though she loved Backyardigans. You would think that would've served as a warning to us when we took her to see Dora, but alas, it did not.

These are not board related pictures. The ones on the top left are at a retirement celebration for a friend of ours. She worked at a local school. The bottom left layout as random pictures of school related functions. On the right side, the top just some random pictures of a few of us actually working on projects at stitch! Such a rarity! The bottom right photos are much more in line with our usual activities.

DSP: CTMH (top photo) Ellie Studio (middle two photos) Jillibean Soup (bottom two photos), SU (bottom left)
Cardstock: American Crafts


MiamiKel said...

Tania, your pages are wonderful! I love the simplicity in them to allow the pictures to get such a great focal awareness! I had to laugh at your glasses remark, though - that has happened to me SO MANY TIMES! They end getting knocked off my nightstand by the dogs and manage to fall under the bed - go figure!

Have a great weekend!

Margaret said...

Such lovely pages. I love being able to showcase photos without a lot of fru=fru. Sending blessings for a Happy New Year.