Thursday, September 2, 2010

More summer highlights....

I can't believe it's September already and it's nearly back to school time!

It was so hot for most of July and August that, between the weather and the time spent with friends/family, I've not done a great deal of crafting.

This summer was packed with activity.

I went to the Dragonboat Festival here in town on July 10th. There was a youth team sponsored by Boys and Girls Club that was participating, and since I know lots of the youth who took part, I went to cheer them on.

In keeping with tradition I went up to Parksville and checked out the Sandcastle competition on the last weekend they were up. It's better for me to wait until the end, because the surrounding sand is more packed so it's easier to wheel on it.

I also went to the VIEX. I actually spent far more time there than I normally would, because we went to Aaron Pritchett on the Friday night, then went back on Saturday. In the morning I was with a friend and her almost 3 yr old granddaughter. We were taking her to see Dora. She'd spent the morning saying how much she loves Dora, and she was very excited about meeting her. Until she saw her. Once she saw her, she said, "I no like Dora no more" And I ask you, would YOU like something that looked like this?
I think not. So we took her down to the barns. She loved the animals. and surprisingly, she enjoyed the arts and crafts tent. I love this cake that a teen I know baked. I can't remember how he placed... I think it may have been first in his grouping. I lucked out and met up with my wonderful friend Allison and her family that afternoon, and after talking to her I decided that I'd come back with her that evening. She has a tradition of bringing her older kids back at night so they can ride the rides while they're all lit up. It was very cool to watch the transition from early evening..... to late at night.....
I spent lots of time at various parks and beaches in and around town...I swear I could watch the kids throwing rocks into the water all day. This picture was taken in Parksville.
Lots of family came to visit. My cousins came from Kelowna for a weekend to see everyone before they headed down to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they'll be living until December. Can't get over how much baby 'C' has grown. And she looks more like her daddy every day.
Another set of visitors was our family from Japan. My honorary cousin (son of my mom's best friend - I've called her 'Auntie' all my life. R. moved their years ago, and he met a lovely girl a few years back. They've got a beautiful little boy now, and I finally got ot meet him this summer.
He loves cars...
and climbing....and especially overgrown kids who'll flip him upside down or play the "I'm Gonna Catch You" game.... gotta love that!
I so can't wait until my little brother is a dad... he's gonna be great at it.
We took Little J to Parksville beach to experience the water park. At times he seemed to really like it...
at other times, notsomuch.

All in all, it was a wonderful summer. And now, on to back to school! On Tuesday, my cousin J will start Gr. 7. I can't quite wrap my head around that. I think it officially means I'm, well... old.

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