Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Hop winners...

As promised, I did have a random draw for a prize. Everyone who posted a comment on my blog hop entry received an entry. There were extra entries for becoming a follower of my blog and for posting your Easter traditions and card ideas.

I had intended to do only one winner, but I felt so badly that I got sidetracked in posting the winner that I pulled two.

The winners are Melissa and Carla! Thanks for your comments and ideas... I am going to use them. I sent you an email so please get back to me asap with a snail mail address I can send your prize to.

I loved my first foray into participating in a Blog Hop and I will do it again soon; probably not until May now, however.

Life has been extremely busy in April. Easter dinner was fabulous. There are, however, no pictures. I got distracted, first by the fabulous food conversation, and then an intense game of dominoes. I come from a family who takes their games seriously. Let's just say that a certain male member of my family was not happy to come in third, after especially since his 11 yr old cousin came in second.

At least he managed to beat me. I managed to come in dead last again. And yet it is still one of my favorite games.

Next time I definitely have to get some pics and scrap about it.

Coming soon... a post I intended to do ages ago - Part 2 of my thoughts on attending the Olympics. Also, NHL playoffs predictions and ruminations, and a bit of an American Idol rant.

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